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Sundance Film Festival has Thuc back for #Sundance2021

Key Projects that are available:

SCENT OF THE DELTARound 2 of Sundance Labs 2020

BANANAS– Round 2 of MACRO Episodic Labs

PARSONS– The story of The Haymarket Affair, The origin story of May Day, which is celebrated annually globally.

#1 on this Indiewire list, highlighted by Berlin-Los Angeles, presented by Villa-Aurora

Website with more information is HERE

THE STROKE AFTER MIDNIGHT– New Draft with Janese Taylor

A Woman of Color is slain by bad men and then brought back to life in a Voodoo ceremony by her sister. Together these women take out the horrible guys who keep them and other women down.

This is a grind-house revenge story. “She’s every woman. It’s all in her.”- Thanks, Chaka Khan

BLOOD DROP KILLERS– A vampire and a werewolf, both Women of Color, must save each other in order to save the soul of New Orleans from racists!


A #Vietnamese woman, a #BlackWoman and an #IndigenousWoman stand outside a burning building. The flames make their faces glow…

HAG STONE– Beth, a war correspondent in her 40’s, takes time off to write a book at a secluded seaside cottage. There she finds rocks with holes in them referred to as hag stones. It’s said that whoever looks through the hole of a hag stone can travel to another dimension. Beth unravels a horrible shameful secret that the house has kept through space and time.

//Out on a shopping agreement:

HOODOO YOU LOVE– Rom-Com feature being packaged by two wonderful producers

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Fun info:

Thuc founded both #TheBitchList and #StartWith8Hollywood

Thuc was a translator for The Academy Award nominated “Last Days in Vietnam” by Rory Kennedy


Indiewire’s “Heroines of Cinema”

Creative Screenwriting, with film producers of things you’ve seen & love

Project Yellow Dress

Los Angeles Times’ Diacritics

The Bitch List in The Huffington Post

The Bitch List in Salon


The Hollywood Reporter

Women in Hollywood


Screenwriting Magazine

Killer Shorts – Being a Woman in Horror!


Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Thuc’s film poster is featured as the Marquee Month (November) for the Fest’s annual calendar P&A for her short film were funded by The City of Vancouver, Creative British Columbia & Telefilm Canada

Sundance Film Festival 2020 Inclusion Initiative

Thuc’s participation is funded by Netflix, Open Society Foundations, MacArthur Foundation, Rotten Tomatoes +, With support from Times Up Now, Nathan Cummings Foundation

Toronto International Film Festival “Emerging Filmmakers” Initiative Delegate 2020

Nominated for Lynn Shelton memorial grant

Lynn Shelton’s Of A Certain Age Grant Nominees: 25 Women & Non-Binary Filmmakers Over 39 to Watch

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Thuc talks with the hosts of Screamwriters