Find Thuc on The Fireland List – cool womxn genre/horror writers of Ireland

Key Projects that are available:

SCENT OF THE DELTARound 2 of Sundance Labs 2020

BANANAS– Round 2 of MACRO Episodic Labs

PARSONS#1 on this Indiewire list, highlighted by Berlin-Los Angeles, presented by Villa-Aurora

BLOOD DROP KILLERS– A vampire and a werewolf, both Women of Color, must save each other in order to save the soul of New Orleans from racists!


A #Vietnamese woman, a #BlackWoman and an #IndigenousWoman stand outside a burning building. The flames make their faces glow…

HAG STONE– Beth, a war correspondent in her 40’s, takes time off to write a book at a secluded seaside cottage. There she finds rocks with holes in them referred to as hag stones. It’s said that whoever looks through the hole of a hag stone can travel to another dimension. Beth unravels a horrible shameful secret that the house has kept through space and time.

//Out on a shopping agreement:

HOODOO YOU LOVE– Rom-Com feature being packaged by two wonderful producers

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Fun info:

Thuc runs #TheBitchList and founded #StartWith8Hollywood

Thuc was a translator for The Academy Award nominated “Last Days in Vietnam” by Rory Kennedy


Indiewire’s “Heroines of Cinema”

Creative Screenwriting, with film producers of things you’ve seen & love

Project Yellow Dress

Los Angeles Times’ Diacritics

The Bitch List in The Huffington Post

The Bitch List in Salon


The Hollywood Reporter

Women in Hollywood


Screenwriting Magazine


Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Thuc’s film poster is featured as the Marquee Month (November) for the Fest’s annual calendar P&A for her short film were funded by The City of Vancouver, Creative British Columbia & Telefilm Canada

Sundance Film Festival 2020 Inclusion Initiative

Thuc’s participation is funded by Netflix, Open Society Foundations, MacArthur Foundation, Rotten Tomatoes +, With support from Times Up Now, Nathan Cummings Foundation

Toronto International Film Festival “Emerging Filmmakers” Initiative Delegate 2020

Nominated for Lynn Shelton memorial grant

Lynn Shelton’s Of A Certain Age Grant Nominees: 25 Women & Non-Binary Filmmakers Over 39 to Watch

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